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Popular Chinese music artists

Most of Chinese singers do not have a wide international recognition outside of Asia. But they are blessed by an access to a huge fan base with which can compete only those who sing in English.

I assume that many of the readers of my blog (which is dedicated to Chinese girls) are not part of this fan army and don’t follow the trends of Chinese modern music industry. But I am sure that most of you will enjoy a “concert” featuring ten beautiful girls (or at least girls having beautiful voices) singing in Mandarin specially for you. ;-)

So, squeeze an hour from your busy schedule, prepare your favorite drink, take a seat and enjoy…


First girl is Amei (张惠妹Zhang Huimei) – a famous Taiwanese singer who made her commercial debut in 1996 and had an instant success. She is known for her unique voice and lively stage performances.
To make an introduction to the world of Chinese pop music easier I chose a song with a video clip from famous movie “Brokeback Mountain”. Song’s title is “I want happiness” (我要快乐).

Cyndi Wang

Another singer from Taiwan is Cyndi Wang (王心凌Wang Xinling). Like many her colleagues she combines singing career with acting. She is very nice girl, but I think that after watching this video many people will agree with me that she has to eat a little bit more :-)

The song is “Tears of Cinderella” (灰姑娘的眼泪).

Elva Hsiao

Well, before you notice it first I have to admit myself that I’ve got here a lot of singers from Taiwan. The reason is simple: their style resonates better with Western ears. And the next beauty is Elva Hsiao (萧亚轩Xiao Yaxuan). So far her fruitful career has spawned 10 albums in 10 years.

For your attention is her song “Honey Honey Honey”.

Faye Wong

Faye Wong (王菲Wang Fei) was born in Beijing. She has an iconic status in mainland China and is popular in many other Asian countries, as well. Faye Wong is successful both as actress and singer. She performs her songs in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

The song presented below is “Red Bean” (红豆).

Fish Leong

Fish Leong (梁静茹 Liang Jingru) – a Chinese Malaysian singer – is another pop queen whose popularity stretches far beyond her homeland. Her style is readily recognizable and especially well fits love ballads for which she is renowned among her numerous fans.

Choosing just one song from her repertoire wasn’t easy. In the end it was “C’est La Vie”.

Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林 Cai Yilin). Guess where she is from? Right. Taiwan.
Very versatile performer. From young childhood she has been a perfectionist and one can easily spot that her vocal and dancing abilities greatly improved since the beginning of her musical career.

The following song “Sky” (天空) has a special meaning for me. I hope you will like it.
Note: you might need to increase volume for this song

Penny Tai

Another Chinese Malaysian in my list is Penny Tai (戴佩妮 Dai Peini). In order to foster her career Penny moved to Taiwan. Starting from 2000 she created 9 albums. Most of the songs from her repertoire she composed by herself.

Until today her most popular song is “The Love You Want”(你要的爱).

Rainie Yang

Back to Taiwan where we meet sweet Rainie Yang (杨丞琳 Yang Chenglin). This little girl enraged many people in mainland China when she featured in one TV show and made an ignorant remark about Sino-Japanese war. I personally forgive her :-) and let you to enjoy her trademark song “My Intuition”(暧昧) used as a theme for drama series where she played a leading role.


And now not just one, but three girls. They got acquainted with each other at one of singing contests and formed the band “S.H.E”. These girls conquered fans not only with their songs, but also with their light-hearted and humorous nature. In one of interviews they called themselves “ugliest girl group in history”. I definitely don’t think so. What about you?

Please, listen to their song “How Are You Lately?” (你最近还好吗?).

Stefanie Sun

Although I setup the order of singers according to the alphabetical writing of their English names, I am truly happy that the honor to close it went to Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿Sun Yanzi) – Singaporean native she mostly lives in Taiwan. During career of 10 years she has sold more than ten million albums. In my opinion she is a true diva of Mandarin popular music.

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